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Your car’s air conditioning demystified

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Is your car's air conditioner giving a cold shoulder? Break the silence! Your car's air conditioning is similar to the typical refrigerator in your home, but is has a different layout. However, they have a similar functionality. Due to the complexity of your car's AC unit's functionality, its problems could range from minor maintenance needs to extreme repair requirements.

With the numerous working components in your vehicle, your AC issues could result from anything from low or leaking refrigerant to a faulty evaporator or condenser. If the air circulated in your vehicle isn't cool enough to reduce the heat you are experiencing, it could be time for an AC diagnostic check-up.

Your car's AC systems hold components that need attention to avoid cracking or drying out. Also, the car's heater demands regular check-ups to ensure there are no blockages or leaky valves.

Your Auto air conditioning systems is composed of 7 main items:

• Condenser
• Compressor
• Air conditioning lines
• Expansion valve
• Receiver
• Dryer
• Evaporator

The air conditioning lines work to condense air (functions like a radiator), acts as a filter, and pushes liquid gas through the AC system, initiates cold air intake via the air vents and pumps the gas to each system.
The care AC is sectioned into two sides, the low and high side. The compressor, starting from the high side, works like a pump, pushing the refrigerant in the AC system. The expansion valve, starting from the low side, restricts the flow of the refrigerant, and hence reducing pressure and temperature of the refrigerant.


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