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106 St Tire & Wheel offers the best price on wheel alignments in NYC, 24 hours too!

106 St Tire & Wheel urges our customers to recognize the value in keeping your vehicle properly aligned especially with this nasty winter

we are having and the pitfalls of driving on pot hole lined streets. The battering your front end takes riding over pot holes will knock

your wheels out of alignment more rapidly than usual. This puts steering, alignment and suspension componets under pressure.

Don't ignore preventative maintenance with a simple wheel alignment available to our customers in Queens and Brooklyn. 106 St

Tire is the home of the $45 wheel alignment and we're open 24 hours at our main location for 24 hour wheel repair, 24 hour wheel

alignment, 24 hour wheel change, 24 hour TPMS reset or replacement, new tires, used tires, 24 hour tire repair and 24 hour welding.

Call us any time ay 718-446-6769


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