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106 St Tire & Wheel....we love educating consumers about cars, tires, environmental issues, that's why we are NYC's premier tire and wheel dealer

Your VIN number says many things about you car like where it was made...and a part of it is something you should memorize

if you order parts or want to ask about parts and pricing....count to the 8th digit. It may be a letter or a number. Memorize it.

What that stands for is the engine type you have. Today, I ordered some parts for my own car through 106 St Tire.

Turns out the 8th letter or number told our supplier that I needed a 120 volt alternator rather than a 140 volt

one. Who knew?

106 St Tire and Wheel loves giving customers helpful's what sets us apart here in NYC,

Queens and Brooklyn. 106 St Tire cares about its customers and we take a proactive role in helping you know more.

Here's something else you should know....Park indoors? You need to recognize that when you take your nice warm

car out into the freezing weather your tires may require additional compressed air.

Come on by one of our locations, we will check your tire pressure free, fill your tires free, inspect your tires for safety

and even give you a free 47 point safety check free.

here's where you'll find us:

106-01 Northern Blvd open 24 hours everyday of the year except Christmas 718-446-6769

118-02 Merrick Blvd open 7 days

105-08 Northern Blvd, brand new Napa care care maintenance center open 7 days

79-20 Queens Blvd open 7 days

45-13 108 St open 7 days

106 St Tire & Wheel is where you need us when you need us.

Thank you for your business


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