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Cheap Windshield Wipers Vs More Costly Wipers FAQ


Are pricey windshield wiper replacements better than cheap ones?

Like anything else, prices of windshield wiper replacements vary by size, style, quality, brand, etc. Are there suggested styles and types that can service you better?

There are 3 basic types of windshield wipers:

1: frame type:this is the most common type and it uses metal framework to support the wiper. This is the most widely used and most affordable style of wiper.

2: winter wiper:this type has a rubber shell around the framework to keep it from collecting ice and snow. This would, of course, hinder the wiper mechanism's flexibility and ability to bend to the shape of your windshield. Some manufacturers of winter wipers claim they utilize special compounds that keep the wiper blades pliable even in the coldest temperatures.

3: beam-style wipers:these are designed in a one-piece that allows the blades to better adhere to the curved shape of the windshield. Some say one advantage may be the visual appeal as well as a claimed longer life and snow and ice resistance comparable to the winter wiper. Beam wipers are increasingly used on new cars.

In addition to the three types of wipers mentioned above, our blog has reported on the windshield wiper of the wiper at all but rather sound waves to keep your windshield free of all types of debris.

With the 3 wiper styles above, of course there is disparity between large, well-known brands and smaller, generic brands, wipers made in the USA and wipers made in China, etc. This type of situation is just par for the course it any retail commodity from TVs to tires.

Whether you invest on the beam-style or winter blades depends on you and your unique driving conditions and what works best for you. If you are faced with a snowy winter, winter blades would be a wise investment at the beginning of each winter.

For beam-style blades, it depends on how much you're willing to spend for plain "looks" on your ride. Generally speaking, cheaper blades will do a good a job of cleaning your windows when new....when they age, your windshield will not be as clear as it is after the damage of the sun beating on your rubber wipers, etc.

The same applies to any generic wiper versus well-known brands, and, yes, you may get what you pay for.

However, in 106 St Tire and Wheel's experience, frequent replacement like every 6 months is much more important than the price paid.


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