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"Dump That SUV" Says Men's Health


3 More Quick Tips from Men's Health Magazine

Dump that SUV: Men's Health points out some down sides of driving an SUV. They say your SUV brakes more slowly, accelerates more slowly, takes more time to get through intersections, use more gas, pollute the environment more than mid-size cars and the likelihood of a rollover is increased considerably. Also, SUVs' size tend to cause issues for other drivers which may mean you land up in an accident. The visibility of other drivers impact safety because of blindspots...theirs and yours.

Automotive Repair Issues? Be Specific: Need a repair? Think you do? Take notes of everything that happens because a good mechanic wants the facts. Write down such things as:

1) was the engine hot?

2) did whatever happen on a turn?

3) what kind of road were you on?

4) you heard what? Men's Health says be specific: "For instance, say, 'I hear a high-pitched squeal when I accelerate, and then it stops after 30 mph. A good mechanic immediately knows to check your belts.' "

Use Your Fog Lights: Men's Health states, "These beams can cut through water vapor better than regular headlights can, says Rae Tyson, formerly a spokesperson for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Fog lights are mounted low on the grille to prevent bounce-back glare off the mist—which is why high beams are your worst choice."


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