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Extending Your Tires Life Span

Tire wear

How to Extend Your Tires' Life Span;
FAQ about avoiding tire wear from 106 St

Tires are a very critical part if driving safety and they don't come cheap. However, 106 St Tire & Wheel does our best to educate our customers how to care for what is a costly part of driver safety.

  • Please check your tire pressure every 3,000 miles to keep your vehicle driving effortlessly and evenly and therefore use safe your self some un-needed expense by using gasoline more efficiently.
  • Tires should be inflated when cool. In other words, don't drive 25 miles and then stop anywhere and have your tires checked. Leave home and drive directly to 106 St Tire & Wheel and we will, as tire professionals, use the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations printed on the vehicle door placard or in your vehicle's owner's manual. We do NOT use the maximum sidewall stamped on a tire itself.
  • Rotate your tires every 6,000—8,000 miles to help equalize tread wear. Get your oil changed here at 106 St Tire for $25 for most cars and we will professionally rotate your tires free.
  • Get your wheel alignment checked as specified on your vehicle's owner's manual, or as soon as you feel the steering wheel "pull."
    106 St Tire's wheel alignments are $45 for most cars and the best price in Queens, shop around and see!
  • Look for tread wear or other irregularities on your tires as they could indicate problems with alignment or inflation.



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