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Falken Tire rolls out new tire model and it's coming soon to 106 St Tire & Wheel locations

an ice breaking, all weather, all season tire by Falken tires with 95 different sizes will be released by Falken tires shortly. This new tire incorporates brand new tire technology to improve safety for Queens drivers, and, as always, 106 St Tire & Wheel, will feature it at the best price in Queens and Brooklyn. 106 St Tire, an iconic tire dealer in Queens takes a leadership role in providing our Queens customers, friends and neighbors with the latest, safest, most price friendly products. This Falken tire, model ZIEXZE950 A/S, promises superior all weather performance through the use of new polymers that grip the road. Stay tuned to 106 St Tire & Wheel's website for the latest, see the company video for more information:


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