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Signs!?!!?! Music with a heavy beat may get your blood pumping however it can lead to increased speed and, therefore, accidents—particularly if you crank up the volume and take off like a bat out of hell. With that in mind, also, know this: up tempo music slows down your reaction time. Also cranked up music hides critical road noise that can be dangerous; nose is an important part of driving. Engine noise? Road noise? Don't you want to hear the cop coming up on you, the ambulances passing you, the fire engines speeding to go to a maybe it's at your house? Your sense of hearing and listening is a key factor in safe driving not to mention hearing engine noise that could spell trouble! Wanna to laugh? An auto safety group says the following song is the most dangerous song to listen while driving as it promotes aggressive driving:

Have a coke...or get your "dead battery" started by offering it to your car! Battery corrosion is a common no start issue. Try this, sometimes it works! I checked it out! Open a can of cola soda pour it directly onto your car's battery terminals. The acid (ACID and we drink this stuff?) in the cola will hopefully bubble away the corrosion, improving both your connection and the odds of a successful start. Once you're home, run water over the battery cables to remove the cola residue and dry it with an old rag. Take care of those battery cables as maintenance!

Kids get car sick? If you are taking a trip with your kids and they tend to get car sick, keep ginger snaps on hand and keep in mind that hunger worsens carsickness. However, research has shown that the ginger root in the cookies can help alleviate and prevent it motion sickness.

Keep Focused Brain science, our favorite topic, lol, right?!! But, listen, staring down long straight highway for longer than 5 minutes at a time fatigues the visual center of your brain. This can lead to causing you to speed and underestimate distances between cars states a study in Human Perception and Performance. Check all three mirrors and your gauges at the end of every song on the radio to keep your vision—and brain—sharp.

Shhhhhhhhh....don't tell anyone we said this! Speed traps ahead. Go to to find lists of speed traps submitted by users all over the country. And let's be sensible, better you should know where the speed traps are and assume new ones are added all the time because they are. Come on, do the speed limit and be safer. And, NY drivers, the new city speed limit is 25 mph and it is photo enforced which means, smile, you are on candid camera and a $50 fine will come to greet you in your mail box for violating one of those not so obvious hidden cameras.


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