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Potholes! How Winter Creates Them

Havoc is a word that applies when you hit a hefty pot hole. Keep hitting and your tires and front end will take a beating. Hit one deep enough and hard enough and you will likely incur some serious damage. In Queens they multipy faster than rabbits and they can damage your tires, your wheels, your front end and cost you plenty. AVOID THEM!

And we drive the same streets you do and we know they are everywhere. It's difficult to avoid them because traffic in Queens is incredible these days, watching the road for cars is critical enough but protecting your investment, namely your car, is important too. After all, in this economy no one has the money for expensive repairs.

First, NYC is responsible for pot hole damage to your car. If your car is damaged, call 311 and get information on how to file a claim. 106 St Tire locations will help you comply with whatever information you need to successfully be reimbursed by the City of NY.

Any of our locations can repair your rim, weld a cracked wheel, reset your TPMS or replace it and repair related damage to your front end and suspension. Wheel repair starts at only $35 and our main location, an icon in Queens for decades can repair a cracked wheel, a bent rim, use TIG welding, refurb wheels and do it 24 hours. Also, please see the website, we are offering a $10 off any purchase (see details), align your car 24 hours, and do almost everything we do during the day at your convenience.

Wheel alignments for most cars are $45 and we do align exotic cars at all 106 St Tire & Wheel locations.

Be careful with those pot holes...dangerous


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