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Motor Oil -- Which Is Best For Your Vehicle?

Motor Oil -- Which Is Best For Your Vehicle?

For years, conventional mineral-based motor oil was a driver’s only option. Repair shops and quick-change pushed the “3,000 mile rule” for oil change intervals, in order to keep an engine’s internal assemblies clean of carbon and sludge deposits. Today’s conventional oil formulations feature detergents, friction modifiers, dispersants and other additives that can allow a 5,000 mile interval for oil changes with no compromise in engine protection. Older engines (past the 100,000 mile mark) tend to show a bit of wear, with looser internal clearances between moving parts. For these engines, a synthetic blend oil may be a better choice. Synthetic blend contains seal swell additives that can expand gaskets and other seals that may have dried out and shrank, helping to deter leaks. For overall engine protection, though, the jury is in. After years of testing and real-world experience, it’s been shown beyond doubt that full synthetic motor oil does a superior job of engine protection. Sy ... read more


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