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Understanding the New York State Automotive Safety Inspections Requirements (Part 2)

Understanding the New York State Automotive Safety Inspections Requirements (Part 2)

Safety Items Inspected on Cars and Light Trucks

Seat belts: These are inspected for proper anchorage and operation. The inspector will also make sure it works in different positions. We also check the air bag warning light to make sure it functions correctly.

Brakes:The inspector must remove at least one wheel to look at the brakes. We will look at vehicle's brake pedal reserve, brake pedal fade, power brake unit, brake master cylinder, disc brake pads, drum brake linings, brake drums and rotors, wheel cylinders and calipers, brake lines and hoses, parking brake and brake equalization.

Lights:The lights must be up to certain standards. They are then examined for proper operation, proper mounting, and any broken or omitted lenses. We also inspect headlamps, tail lamp stop, lamps directional signals, backup lights, license plate lights, hazard warning or four-way flasher and directional signal indicator

Wheels:The inspection should also cover steering (wheel play, and power steering), front end, suspension, shock absorbers, chassis, frame, and wheel fasteners. As for tires, we check tread depth, tire condition and tire pressure with an exception of the spare.

Other parts that are thoroughly examined include windshield and other glass (including windows) for presence and condition and windshield wipers and blades. They also include horn, mirrors, and fuel leaks in terms of dripping or pooling.

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