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Wheel Magic for Pot Hole Damage


...30" of snow? A massive thaw will equate to pot holes everywhere. All locations of 106 St Tire & Wheel in Corona, Forest Hills, Elmhurst and Jamaica, Queens, offer a wide variety of rim services for steel and alloy wheels.

Pot holes occur as a natural part of melting snow and ice and have nothing to do with city or state apathy; they are equal opportunity and they happen everywhere there are season thaws, freezes, snow falls and ice. The resulting melted water seeps beneath the pavement through cracks caused by the wear and tear of traffic and the black top collapses. Because of our traffic situation here in the Big Apple and the weather we see now, we can expect plenty of pot holes that will cause damage to tires, wheels, axles, front end, etc. 106 St Tire is here to help you out if this darkens your door.

If you have those beautiful pricy rims and one gets damaged, don't be worried. Most wheel damage can be successfully repaired in 24-48 hours and we will give you a free estimate before we get started. We can and do successfully restore badly damaged wheels. In fact, 106 St Tire & Wheel experts have the know how to remanufacture a wheel back to factory standards.

Our wheel services:

-Cracked wheel repair
-Rim straightening
-Curb rash repair
-Wheel polishing
-Dented rim repair
-Bent wheel repair
-Wheel welding
-TPMS sensors replaced & reset, TPMS batteries for dashboard display replaced
-Computerized color matching
-Wheel polishing

If you need a new wheel, 106 St can offer you up to 50% off factory OEM prices. Most wheel repairs are done on site at a fraction of the cost to replace the rim and we always offer free estimates and an approximate 24-48 hour turn around time.

Also, Queens' 106 St Tire & Wheel locations represents the best wheel brands in the world like Savini rims, Asanti wheels, Maxim, DUB, Forgiato, MHT, TSW, Vossen wheels, Vellano, Hipnotic and more.

Also, we have a handy wheel configurator on our site where you can "virtually" try on. Go to the header, to "wheels" and click and the wheel configurator will appear, click on it and you're on your way.

Drive safe and check your tire inflation often when the roads get rough and even now to keep tire traction at its safest level.


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