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Why You Can’t Just Avoid Getting an Oil Change (Part 1)

Oil Change

Why You Can't Just Avoid Getting an Oil Change (Part 1)

If the engine is the heart of the car, then oil is its lifeblood. Both of them go hand in hand and when driving. For safety purposes, it is important to carry oil change as per the manufacturer's instructions. When the time comes for an oil change, it is critical to get the filter changed because it may harbor some contaminated oil that can harm your engine.

Consider the Manufacturer's Manual

We have covered why New York City driving conditions are rated as “severe.” Severe conditions may include excessive short trips of less than five miles, loading the vehicle to maximum levels, driving on rough roads or dusty conditions, excessive idle times among a host of other reasons. The oil change recommendation may vary depending on the make of your car, the year of manufacture among other reasons. Therefore, when planning an oil change, it is important to ask the right questions since there are numerous online resources that you can make use of.

Use Real Synthetic Lubricants or Grease from Reputable Manufacturers

Many people think that synthetic lubricants are from fossil based petroleum with some few additives in them. Nothing is farther from the truth – synthetic oils from reputable manufacturers are engineered based on aerospace science. The synthetics are designed to resist breakdown with consistent use. The manufacturers ensure that the synthetic oil or grease counters the normal tear and wear of engine life by close to 90%. Our mechanics know the different oils that are in the market.

Use the Latest Models of Engine Oils

Car models keep on changing every year, and the same goes for engine oil. The manufacturing process is complicated and takes a lot of scientific research to come up with the best engine oil. The manufacturers transform a low-viscosity material, which can be petroleum or bioliquids, then put it through several chemical reactions to process, and it finally transforms into the molecular structure that the manufacturer desires. Buying the latest engine oil is an excellent decision since it gives you the latest technology.

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