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Windshield Wipers of the Future: SOUND!

The Force Field will be with you........

These grimy, dirty, squeaking windshield wipers could be replaced very soon!

No matter what, all cars have one thing in common, those eventually squeaking, annoying windshield wiper blades that wear out, leave streaks, need replacement depending on how much ice and now and stuff they remove. The law mandates them, safety demands them, and police need a place to stick your $115 summons for double parking on the streets of Queens.

What will they do with those tickets in the future when SOUND is your windshield wipers?

McLaren, best known for their Formula One race cars, has something to say about all of the above. They have been working towards windshield wiper-less cars. One of their top designers has said that McLaren is working on wiperless car and it looks like the solution may be ultrasound to utilize 30kHz waves across windshields to rid we drivers of rain, dead bugs, and road debris forever. No wiper blades squeaking! Yeah!

How? Come on with Star Wars fresh in your mind, you don't know the answer? Well, with a force field, what else! That, McLaren says this will stop rain and other annoying stuff from ever reaching your windshield and that includes rain, snow, bugs and meanwhile your windshield stays clear and clean all the time.

Advantages? Less maintenance, less malfunctions, no build up of anything in your visual field, no scraping ice and snow off your field of vision or scratching the glass forever...always a better, cleaner surface to see the road through.

Expect McLaren to license their invention to many car manufacturers and make a bundle to fuel (no pub intended) their racing interests. For get to be lazier, safer, and get the ultimate revenge on those people who put flyers on your windows, though laws have changed that, and what will NYPD do with those tickets?

Sssh, don't give them any ideas.