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106 ST Tire, State of the Art Wheel Alignment, now our 2nd building on Northern Blvd, Queens


Our state of the art wheel alignment center is now located on Northern Blvd at 105-08 Northern Blvd.
This picture gives the one picture worth a thoudand words view of where our new alignment center is...
not even a half a block away from previous location...and you were worried? :o)

This new facility is our second Northern Blvd location joining our iconic tire and wheel repair location
on the corner of 106 St and Northern Blvd at 106-01 Northern where we have served the community
for decades. As you can see the new wheel alignment center is just feet away from the old one and
its brand new.

Our famous HOME OF THE $45 wheel alignment (most cars) is still out community outreach front runner.
All of our locations offer this deal.

Call us 24/7 for info or just go over to Northern Blvd, both buildings are open 24/7 to serve our customers
718-446-6769 and this included holidays and weekends as always. We're closed one day a year...
Christmas otherwise, 106 St Tire and Wheel is always open on Northern Blvd at 106-01 Northern Blvd
and now 105-08 Northern Blvd.

Queens, NY, thank you for your business,
The staff and ownership of NYC's premier tire and wheel dealer
106 St Tire & Wheel, Inc


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