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4 Points on Why Oil Changes are Imperative


Always Critical to Extending Engine Life.....

1. Engine Performance: 106 ST Tire & Wheel could never stress the importance of this aspect of vehicle maintenance. Changing oil regularly helps maintain vital engine performances and engine operations. Allowing improved functionality and smoother driving, changing oil every 3,000 nukes will keep internal engine parts clean and lubricated.

2. Remove Build-Up: Used oil eventually builds up certain amounts of dirt and debris and becomes engine gunk, without regular oil changes this can damage engine components and decrease performance a lot.

3. Fuel Economy: No matter what the price of gasoline is, MPG is always important. We want your money in your pocket! But, regular oil changes provide new oil to reduce friction and improve fuel economy for any vehicle. These improvements make engines parts glide seamlessly to lessen resources used to operate. While we are on the subject of this aspect of savings, we will add that tire inflation also has an affect on gas mileage and the environment, the more gas you burn the more green house gases are released into the air we breathe here in Queens. Got kids with asthma? Please do you part to keep everyone's kids healthier.

4. Decreased Emissions: SEE ABOVE and remember older vehicles often burn fluids quickly, thus replenishing vital engine components with fresh oil and new filters will assist in more proficient operations and decreased emissions from the vehicle.

5. Vehicle Life: It is no secret, of course, that properly maintained vehicles last longer with improved functionality throughout their lifetime. Protect any vehicle with simple auto repairs such as regular oil changes.

Consult trusted technicians of 106 St. Tire and Wheel in Queens, NY to begin your vehicle's journey to improved auto repair and vehicle safety. Thoughtful auto repair and advice from 106 St. Tire and Wheel in Queens, NY will support both functionality and safety of your vehicle, while preventing costly auto repairs in the future.

106 St Tire & WHeel is offering a great deal, get your oil changed and we'll give you a free tire rotation, price for most cars, $25. You can make an appointment right from our website, click on "services" and schedule whatever you need, and you will spend less time waiting.