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Electrical system maintenance (Part 2)

Electrical Systems

Electrical System Maintenance (Part 2)

To ensure proper maintenance of the cars electrical system, you need to clean off the connections on the battery from time to time. This will help to prevent unnecessary tear and wear on the car's starter. We've already looked at the importance of keeping the battery in working order. Also, having the car's electrical system tested regularly plays an important role in diagnosing and repairing problems while they are still small and less expensive to deal with.

The car battery needs to be changed after some time. The cables need to be tight such that they do not move at all. The battery should also be taken for load tests to ensure that it is charging as it should be. The water level in the battery should be checked regularly; if the water level is low, add water immediately and ensure it is distilled.

Our mechanics can measure and record the alternator output. The alternator, fuse and starter need regular check as well as servicing just like any other part of the car. Be cautious of how you change your battery because overcharging can adversely affect the battery life. Clean the battery regularly to avoid formation of rust and store it in a tray that is designated for it. Cleaning can be done using water and baking soda with a toothbrush.

The car's engine cooling system could also be kept in check. The cooling system plays the role of carrying away the heat generated by the combustion of fuel from the cylinder head and the engine block. It is important to ensure that the water, or any other coolant in the radiator, is well circulated. The radiator, hoses, and cap are not the only parts to be looked at to ensure that the radiator is functioning properly. You also need to have us check out the thermostat, water pump and coolant temperature sensor.

Cars today use an electrically driven fan. The temperature sensor is a significant contributor to engine performance since it helps the ECU choose the right ignition map for best performance.

Wiring plays a great role in the automotive electric system. Wiring has to be checked and protected to ensure that it is not interfered with. It is good to ensure that you have the right wires, wiring connectors, switches, switch panels and other items that play a role in the electrical system of the car. Having the right electrical system makes your car more efficient and easy to work with.

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