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Important brake repair and maintenance tips (Part 1)

Brake Repair

Important brake repair and maintenance tips (Part 1)

Every vehicle model has different brake specifications, which is why every different model requires a different brake pad. This means different shape, different texture, different coefficient of friction etc. Unfortunately, the carmakers do not specify what these specifications are for each vehicle, so a lot of what you pay for when you buy brakes is a result of the research and development; different brake manufacturers spend varying amounts on this process, which is why we at 106St Tire & Wheel are proud to offer NAPA brakes because we know that they do the best to keep you and your passengers safe on the road.


It is normal for your brakes to wear out over time through regular use and they might end up needing brake service or repair. If you have them regularly serviced, they will protect you from dangerous situations like brake failure. Brake repair, along with all vital aspects of regular automobile inspections, fluid checks, fixes, and replacements, will keep you as well as anyone else on or near the road safe from an out of control vehicle. There is no logical reason to put off necessary repairs because it will only cost you more of your very own time, money, and safety.

And most importantly, don't forget to schedule an appointment with us to take a look at your air filter.

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