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Is Your Car Groaning, Chugging, Clunking?

Noises from your ride; not a good thing!

If those noises are not the gentle purr of efficiency and the quiet zoom of a well performing engine they are usually warning signs.

When you hear them, that's the time to drive over to 106 St Tire and Wheel (depending on the sound, see below, a tow truck may be needed) and let a pro hear what you hear. Our advice: It's too risky to wait, of course, depending on the noise and the cause which you probably won't know until someone with diagnostic skill here's the sound.

While some auto repair shops might make a differentiation between sounds you could ignore and ones you need to investigate, our shops recommend that all noises and odors be checked out by our skilled technicians.

First, all of our locations offer a FREE 47 point safety check. That's the place to start by looking at belts, hoses, etc. We look to remedy the simple things and we don't charge our customers for this.

The above inspection also includes a fluid check. Experienced technicians know what each fluid smells like so why take a chance with your car when 106 St Tire can tell you what's leaking, burning, etc. DON'T WAIT if you smell anything unusual in and around your could be antifreeze leaking in which case you run the risk of burning up your engine. It could be oil which could have the same result so come into one of our locations and let us “sniff” out the issue!

If you can't rush right over, and you are advised to do that, please take note of a few things like the driving circumstance that create the sound(s):

1) At what speed do you hear the sound?

2) Are you driving straight or turning when you hear it?

3) Do you hear it at start up or when the engine is hot?

Some car sounds can be just annoying noises, wear issues or signs of something more dangerous or damaging. 106 St Tire is urging those of you who want to extend the life or your vehicle and forgo really expensive mechanical repair or even buying a new car to have a pro look at your vehicle immediately and make the determination. Frankly, since we offer free safety inspections, why wait until you have a problem or an issue. Come on in today or at your earliest convenience when everything seems perfect. Let's keep it that way!

Our expert advice is this: don't ignore any sound that is not the gentle sound of a perfectly running engine. If you hear anything different or unique, please come see us as soon as you hear it. In that way you will avoid expensive repairs or the possibility of ruining your engine, etc.

If you hear:

1. Clunking or thumping or feel vibrations this can mean a defective universal joint, prop shaft or rear differential THIS CAN BE DANGEROUS, slow down, stop and get towed to 106 St Tire & Wheel.

2. Heavy knocking or pounding from the engine. Dangerous, pull over, shut the engine off and call a tow truck

3. Pinking or pinging can mean the fuel you are using is too low quality for your engine. This can be remedied easily by switching to a higher-octane fuel or having the ignition timing checked. NOT DANGEROUS but it shouldn't be ignored if gas mileage and money are of concern.

4. Metallic screeching or scraping can be a sign of worn brake pads. Does it happen only in the morning when you start to drive...that could just be moisture, or that could be bad brakes. We do free brake inspections!

5. Squealing can mean a loose fan belt or loose fan/air-conditioning compressor belt. Your belt will snap eventually and in some model cars the belts may drive other essential parts of your car. Don't ignore this.

6. Thudding or thumping can mean a loose pulley or loose exhaust pipe or it could be your this happening when you drive it or when you are idling. Don't ignore this.

7. A low-pitched rumble or humming or a saw like sound can mean wheel-bearing wear. This can get dangerous if you've been driving with your car for a year or two with the sound, this needs immediate repair. NOW, TODAY!

8. A ticking sound that increases in speed as the engine is revved can mean non-lubricated tappets due to low or dirty oil. This could be serious with variables evaluated but a professional and 106 St Tire's techs will let you know what they are.

Some of the articles on the web seem so help but generally when it comes time for safety first, when there's perhaps big money repairs, why not come to a pro and get professional advice free from your friends and neighbors at 106 St Tire & Wheel your community resource in tires, wheels and auto repair and save yourself money, time, and perhaps yours and your family's safety.

Stop By 106 ST Tire If Your Car is Groaning, Chugging, Clunking

Also, remember, 106 St Tire locations give free tire inspections to every customer along with free brake inspections, free tire pressure checks and free compressed air. The best way to ensure the best ride, performance and long life of your tires and your engine is do the free safety checks we offer. Ever hear the expression, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?" That's what we offer you, lets find the issues at no cost to you many times and prevent having the pricey cures cost you the loss of your ride or expensive repairs.