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New 24/7 Hour Location Open


106 ST Tire & Wheel's Newest Location Open Holidays 24/7;
State of the Art Wheel Alignment Center & Repair Shop

...both locations on Northern Blvd are open holidays 24/7 except Christmas

106 St Tire & Wheel, Inc an established tire and wheel business in Queens, NYC has announced the opening of their 5th location at 105-08 Northern Blvd. Now, as a member of the renowned Napa Auto Parts family, 106 St Tire's new Napa Car Care Center will offer customers in Brooklyn and Queens an opportunity to extend the life of their vehicle with reasonably priced car care.

A 106 St Tire spokeswoman stated, “Too many of our customers do damage control rather than preventative maintenance. The problem with that is often additional needless expense as mechanical repairs, when not performed when warranted, tend to cause escalate to related parts and their function. For example, what may start out as a very low cost, simple brake pad replacement lands up costing owners more when ignored. Left alone brake pad replacements deteriorate and start destroying brake rotors then brake calibers and, eventually, brake failure results in expensive repairs and, perhaps, an accident where someone gets hurt.

“106 ST Tire & Wheel's goal has long been making our community aware of the important issues of our time not just from the standpoint of our customers' vehicle life but also that our cars, when not operating effectively, are actually community issues. Bad brakes put our neighborhoods at risk, improperly inflated tires do that as well as they are unsafe, cause accidents, use more gas which is costly and impacts all of us here in New York City. More gasoline use translates to a diminishing air quality. 106 St Tire & Wheel is concerned for the elderly and our kids as gasoline fumes, air conditioning use, poor gas mileage, hot summers impact residents as poor air quality affects everyone. Ignoring the bigger picture of vehicle maintenance pours tons of greenhouse gasses into our air and accelerates climate change. The result: there's an epidemic of all kinds of breathing issues like asthma affecting especially kids.”

106 ST Tire and Wheel has been on the cutting edge since the first day it began its operation. First, it was the only tire and wheel business in the tri-state area owned and operated by a woman. Today, it's a second generation business growing, adding new services, lowering costs, expanding and serving Brooklyn and Queens with customer friendly prices and awareness geared to serving ordinary customers with high-tech solutions.

The newest location of 106 St Tire & Wheel, the Napa service center is open Monday through Sunday and all holidays except Christmas 24 hours a day.


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