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The Importance of Comprehensive Engine Diagnostics (Part 2)

Engine Diagnostics

The Importance of Comprehensive Engine Diagnostics (Part 2)

NOTE: This is the second part of our series on comprehensive engine diagnostics. Please click here for part 1.


More common symptoms and what they mean

Another sign of trouble is experiencing sudden jerks or surges. The same engine trouble that causes this may also cause a sudden stall of the car. Let the mechanic look at the vehicle's spark plugs, fuel filter and, many other issues. It can be quite daunting when your vehicle starts stalling as you enter a freeway.

Popping or tapping sounds originating from the hood could mean that your engine's cylinders are faulty. When gasoline in the combustion chamber ignites prematurely, this can lead to awful damage to the cylinders. To be on the safe side, park the vehicle at a safe place and call us.

Driving it further may cause more problems. A grinding noise especially when you start the car is equally a bad sign. You may need to have us replace or adjust the vehicle's starter motor.

Foul smelling emissions may signal the invasion of dangerous gases into the car's interior. Cars emit carbon monoxide and other toxic gases via the exhaust pipe located on your car's rear. You should not smell these.

However, if you experience a bad smell from the engine, stop the car and call us for a qualified diagnosis. Otherwise, a rubber hose can produce similar smells especially when it touches a hot surface. When this happens, the entire engine may need a safety inspection just as many other signs of problems.

Engine Repair

Importance of thorough diagnosis

Any of the above signs can cause damage to the engine components of your car. To prevent this, don't hesitate to contact us. This way, you will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in replacing the damaged component wholly. In addition, you will avoid accidents that a faulty engine component can cause.

Our experts are not only experienced, but also licensed and insured. Our mechanics use a number diagnosis tools and equipment.

Your car stores information on its memory. When you visit us, we connect the car to a computer, which then reads the faults. Computerized diagnosis is efficient, as the technician is able to find the fault, fix it permanently and avoid more damage. Improper diagnosis can lead to more trouble in future.

Computerized diagnosis is non-invasive. This means that mechanics do not touch any component without running a trouble-shooting exercise. They only unscrew components when they are sure of the underlying fault. By this time, they know the most effective remedy.

When the gears of a manual transmission car shift from one to another automatically, you may experience major hiccups while driving. As this is a sign of major trouble with the gear system, let a qualified mechanic diagnose it and implement remedies.

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