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Don't be Shocked by your Shock Absorbers!


The life span of shock absorbers varies. There are several variables that include how many miles you drive, what types of surfaces you drive on and whether you drive like a maniac over rough roads (like NYC last winter with all the snow and hitting pot hole after pot hole!) or use your vehicle tenderly.

The above makes it very difficult if not impossible to estimate how long your shocks will last. However, if you do drive over rough roads featuring our famous NYC pot holes, we can't expect a mechanical part meant to adjust your ride to last forever. Rough roads featuring potholes, large cracks and sharp ridges that run across the pavement (you know, winter in NY) will wear out shocks faster.

Also, carrying heavy loads or driving on unpaved roads with deep crater-like pot holes or embedded large rocks will do the same. If your driving style is one that takes back, bumpy roads at the same speed you'd drive on smooth roads, this neglect is bound to shorten the life or your shocks as much as 50%. Winter weather and road/rock salt can also shorten shock absorber life by contributing to corrosion.

One can reasonably expect shocks to last probably 4 to 5 years unless of course you really drive the hell out of your car to the extreme over the road conditions mentioned above.

However, if you drive gently and travel on smooth roads it's possible to have your shock absorbers last 10 years and maybe more depending on whether your trunk is loaded with a couple of hundred pounds of sporting equipment, a full size spare, a couple of cases of refreshments, rock salt, sand, etc. and the pounds add up quickly. Carrying unnecessary weight also costs you at the pump.

Rather than using time, mileage or driving conditions as a gauge of when your shocks or struts need attention, practice precautionary maintenance. Come on over to any location of 106 ST Tire and Wheel and we'll take a look. Having the shocks and suspension inspected at 40,000 or 50,000 miles, then annually after that, is a very sound approach to auto maintenance. A thorough inspection of shocks, springs, struts should uncover what you actually need, if anything and we can certainly spot any or all the culprits in an unpleasant, unsafe ride

Come on into anyone of locations and we will take a look at your shocks and inspect your suspension (shocks, struts, springs) and also tell you about Napa quick struts that combine shocks and struts with just ONE PART and will save you money and labor charges on labor and parts.

Safety first, please? Remember 106 St Tire & Wheel offers free brake inspection, free tire inspections, free safety inspections...come on in and get to know us. Give us a call 24/7 at 718-446-6769, we're open 24/7 every day of the year, we're here when you need us.