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How to Properly Inflate Your Tires to Stay Safe on the Road (Part 2)

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How to Properly Inflate Your Tires to Stay Safe on the Road (Part 2)

NOTE: This is the second part of our series on tire inflation. Please click here for Part 1.

How do you check the inflation level of your tires?

There are many people who are unsure how to do this or people who think they can just look at a tire to determine if it is under or over-inflated. Estimating the air pressure level in your tire by looking at them will never give you accurate results. There is a small tool that can be purchased at any auto supply store, as well as many home improvement centers, and perhaps your local hardware store. It's called a tire pressure gauge, and you can simply place it on the nozzle of your tire and get a reading of the air pressure within your tires. Trying to gauge it by eye may result in 20% over-inflated or under-inflated air pressure.


air pressure in your tires is before driving.

If you wait until after you've finished driving the car, the air in the tires has become warm from the movement of the tires and you will not get a very accurate pressure reading. Check your car's manual to find out how much air pressure your tires should use as opposed to the recommended amount you'll see printed on the actual tire itself.

The cost of gas is getting higher by the day as we enter the summer driving season.

You can reduce your maintenance and upkeep costs to keep your vehicle running smooth and safely by keeping an eye (and a tire pressure gauge) on your tires. If you get in the habit of checking them at least once a week before getting in and driving off, you'll have your tires performing at their optimum level, giving you a safer ride and keeping some of your hard earned money in your pocket.

tire inflation

It is your duty to check your tires monthly. You can't tell if your tires need to be inflated just by verifying them or hitting them. Always have a good gauge in the glove compartment and do not forget to check the spare wheel when you check your car. You never know when you might need it, so it has to be ready for the road.

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