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How to Properly Inflate Your Tires to Stay Safe on the Road (Part 3)

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How to Properly Inflate Your Tires to Stay Safe on the Road (Part 3)

NOTE: This is the second part of our series on tire inflation. Please click here for Part 1, and click here for part 2.

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Always make sure your tires are inflated properly. Here's how:

1. Go over at a gas station that has a compressor with an indicator.
2. Position your car so you can reach to all four wheels.
3. Check the pressure specifications of the wheels. Search for a label that can be found on the door, the glove compartment or trunk.
4. Remove the plastic lid from the valve and put it somewhere safe so you don't lose it.
5. Verify the pressure with your gauge or with the one at the gas station. Click on the valve device and clasp it tightly. If you notice a whistling sound, it means that the air gets out. Press harder.
6. Insert air as needed.
7. Verify the pressure with your measuring device or use the one on the pump.
8. If you pumped too much air let some out. Push the small valve in the middle to let the air out. Many measuring devices have a small button which is used for that purpose, but you can do it just as well with a marker or a pencil.

tire pressure

IMPORTANT: If your wheels require air every time you check, you should bring it to 106St Tire & Wheel. Your problems could become bigger than just a flat tire.

  • Do not look for the necessary pressure on the tire, you will only find the maximum pressure.
  • Always use the pressure gauge; you don't want to inflate your tires too much.
  • When filling your tires, remember that the recommended PSI for your vehicle is very likely lower than the maximum pressure listed on your tire. The owner's manual of your car is the best place to look for the recommended PSI for your car's tires. If it isn't in the owner's manual, check for the tire placard in the glove compartment door, inside of the gas door, or on the inside of the driver's door.

Make sure you use an accurate and good quality pressure gauge. Or, make it a habit to check your tire pressure each time you fill up for gas.

Keeping your tires filled with the right amount of air may be the very last thing on your priority list in the middle of a busy schedule, but correct tire inflation guarantees longer tire life, reduced fuel consumption, a safer drive, and even keeps tires out of the landfills which help the environment.

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