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The Importance of Replacing the Air Filters in Your Car (Part 3)

The Importance of Replacing the Air Filters in Your Car (Part 3)

NOTE: This is part 3 of 106St Tire & Wheel's series on air filters in your vehicle.

Below are various benefits to replacing your car filter according to different manufacturers.

1. Avoiding premature wear and tear of your car engine

This simple yet important piece of equipment is made to trap debris and dirt before it enters your car engine. Keeping out dirt, debris, and other substances will protect the inner parts of the engine such as include pistons and cylinders from damage. Even the smallest particles can cause serious damage and can be very costly to repair. These small particles can also shorten the life of your engine.

2. A cost effective solution

Replacing an air filter does not cost much. It is perhaps the least expensive component of your car. But by replacing this important item, you will be saving hundreds if not thousands in engine repairs.

3. Replacing the air filter will improve acceleration

According to various studies, a clean air filter can help your car accelerate 6 to 11% faster because clean air entering your car engine increases efficiency by enabling more torque and horsepower.

4. It increases fuel efficiency

Replacing the air filter might help you save some fuel money. When you have a dirty filter, it will limit the amount of air that flows into your engine causing your car to run less efficiently and to burn more fuel.

5. Replacing your air filter will reduce emissions

A dirty or clogged filter can reduce the airflow to your car's engine. This can cause air and fuel mixture that can lead to serious problems and negatively affect how your car functions.

To be on the safe side, you can get information on how to replace your air filter in your car's owner's manual. Normal guidelines recommend replacing your air filter once a year. However, if you live in an area like New York with dust and pollution in the air, or travel a lot on dirty roads, you need to have it replaced more often. Just like humans need air to breathe, your car engine needs clean air to run smoothly and function properly. Stop by 106St Tire & Wheel to have your car air filter checked or replaced if necessary. It is a quick and inexpensive process that will make an impact in your car engine performance.

And most importantly, don't forget to schedule an appointment with us to take a look at your air filter.

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