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Wheel Damage to Steel & Alloy Wheels

Rim Damage

Ouch!!! You hit a curb or one of Queens infamous potholes and blew a tire. You get a new tire and get it balanced but something doesn't feel right...a slight shimmy, a vibration or maybe even a more-pronounced wobble.

Sounds like there is a good chance you have a damaged the rim. If you've been pricing wheels recently, you know they can be pricy ranging from between $400 and $1000 for a replacement.

Come to 106 St Tire & Wheel as we offer a full range of comprehensive wheel and rim repair services and the good news? Most rims are repairable!

Here's what we can do to help you:

  • Re-true a warped, cracked or bent wheel with a specialized straightening machine, bringing it back to balance and trueness again quickly
  • Repair the damage that comes from being scuffed along the curb too many times which is commonly know in NYC as curb rash.
  • A ding along the rim from a hard impact isn't really a problem – you'd be amazed to see what kind of dent and ding damage is actually repairable, to a point where you can't tell it was ever damaged at all.
  • Computerized color matching can provide a perfect fit for your car's looks and the other wheels
  • Expert welding of alloy or steel wheels
  • Polishing wheels
  • Restore your wheel to factory standards more often than not

Also, our technicians can weld steel or alloy wheels with TIG welding, polish them and more and most of the time we can restore your wheel to factory standards.

Seems like the roads in Queens, NY get worse every year as our infrastructure's age and lack of maintenance makes driving hazardous not only from the volume of traffic on the rise but road conditions getting worse.

Given that, it's easy to end up with damaged rims from impacts and road hazards. And if bent wheels are not corrected promptly, the vibrations from them can destroy your tires and that's only the beginning. Your steering and suspension will suffer and its goes on from there costing more and more.

Come on in sooner rather than later and don't waste the money you work so hard for. As a first step, come on in for a free estimate, then you can schedule an appointment at 106 St Tire & Wheel in Queens, NY for expert wheel repair.

If your wheel is damaged in a pot hole here's what to do immediately on the scene. First, watch your own personal safety from traffic, take photos of the pot hole, take pictures of the street signs showing a clear location, the more pictures the better. Call 911 if you are hurt, for example, if your chin hits the steering wheel and you bite your lower lip. You may not be terribly hurt but you want the official record from the NYPD that you were injured and where you were injured. Get a complaint number from the precinct if needed. Call 311 when you can and ASAP. Fire a complaint there. Get a repair estimate and mail in ASAP. You should be entitled to financial compensation for the damage or part of the damage.

...and as a safety aspect, please slow down on the streets of Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn, the city speed limit has been lowered, there are cameras everywhere and getting caught speeding will cost you $50 and perhaps additional damage to your vehicle if you really bottom out.