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When Does Your Car’s Suspension Need Repair? (Part 2)

Steering and Suspension

When Does Your Car's Suspension Need Repair? (Part 2)

NOTE: This is the second part of our series on steering and suspension. Please click here for Part 1.


If the suspension system wears out, you will feel it in how your car drives. If your ride is not smooth, wanders, pulls you to one side, or handles poorly, you should come here to 106St Tire & Wheel so we can take a look at your suspension system. If your shocks leak oil, for instance, it means the shocks need to be replaced. Some parts of your system might just need some lubrication to get back to their normal working conditions. You will also need to repackage wheel bearings every few years.

If you get involved in an accident, however minor, there are chances that you've damaged your suspension system or your wheels have been knocked out of alignment. Something as simple as hitting a pothole, a curb or a rock can significantly damage your suspension system. In addition to properly maintaining your suspension system, you should always keep your tires properly inflated.

Try to avoid potholes as much as possible and always go slow on bumps and rugged terrains. If you are a little late in noticing a pothole, avoid braking on top of it. Doing so will throw the weight of the car forward and worsen the damage.

Suspension Parts

Signs that your car suspension system requires inspection and repair

There are various indications that your vehicle's suspension system needs inspection and repair. The most common indicator is a shaky or bumpy ride. You may also notice unusual tire wear patterns and sometimes your car may visually appear uneven. At times you may also notice poor steering response or a little stiffness, and instability when braking.

If you are a new car owner, chances are some of these symptoms might escape your attention and only notice a faulty suspension during your routine inspection visit. Generally, the suspension system of your vehicle is something you shouldn't take for granted. You need to understand that this is what supports tons of metal, along with the cargo and occupants in your vehicle.

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