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Free Safety Inspections, Avoid Driving Mishaps

Safety Inspection

Are you driving merrily along until some maintenance issue is thrust upon you at the most inconvenient moment? For example, you're in bumper to bumper traffic and you step on your brakes and they aren't there?

That's one heck of a place for that to happen. We hope you are a member of AAA because it will be unsafe to continue to drive and you will need to be towed.

Really, most of these kinds of mechanical failures can be avoided and 106 St Tire & Wheel is here to help you do you that with lots of FREE services to avoid the inconvenience and dangers of the situation above. We offer free brake inspections.

For you do-it-yourselfers, here's some great brake advice on determining if your brakes need replacing or service:

OBSERVATION!Look at your brake pads... And while we are at it, we will inspect your tires FREE and check your tire pressure FREE.

LISTEN! Are you hearing that tell tale high pitched screeching sound? You are receiving that audible sound as a warning built into your braking system that you need to replace your brakes. Once in awhile that can be moisture on your brakes or in your break linings, but, hear it repeatedly and get your self to a mechanic ASAP.

GRINDING:that sound will be metal to metal with your brakes completely worn out. Your mechanic may tell you that “your rotors need to be turned” or very possibly your rotors and brakes will need to be replaced.

This is caused by your brakes wearing unevenly or something in your brake line. Your brake lining may have to be cleaned out and the fluid having to replaced.

VIBRATION:Vibrations or pulsating brake pedal can be a symptom of warped rotors. Have antilock brakes? Well, the vibration can feel similar to the pulsating feeling brake pedal during a fast stop.

BRAKES ARE LESS RESPONSIVE:If it's taking you longer to stop or your break pedal is going to the floor boards please address this immediately. There could be a leak in your braking system and not being able to stop your vehicle in an emergency is dangerous.

Vehicle maintenance goes along with your responsibility to put a safe car on the road. We want you to avoid accidents, hurting anyone and having the most reliable, the safest car possible and to that end we give any customer who wants one:

free brake inspection: why take the chance of having a brake failure when one of our techs will inspect your braking system and let you know if its mechanically safe. FREE

free safety inspection: are your hoses or belts getting old and ready to burst or brake? Why break down along the road and have to be towed incurring an additional expense when a FREE safety inspection checks 47 points of vehicle function!

What's included? Oil, coolant, power steering, transmission, windshield wiper fluid, belts, hoses, lights, air filter, battery, struts, suspension, exhausts, steering components and more.

Come on in to any of our locations in Queens any time and we will be delighted to do a free safety inspection, a free tire inspection and a free brake inspection at no cost to you.


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