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When Does Your Car’s Suspension Need Repair? (Part 3)

Steering and Suspension

When Does Your Car's Suspension Need Repair? (Part 3)

NOTE: This is the third part of our series on steering and suspension. Please click here for Part 1, or here for Part 2.


Even if you are not experiencing any noticeable signs of a worn out suspension system, you should still take your car for inspection after you have reached the mileage recommended by your manufacturer. Having said that, these are some of the specific signs that will help you know something is wrong with your car suspension system.

1. Car rides roughly
This is the most common indicator of a worn out suspension. Most people are able to tell when their struts or shocks are worn out when they begin to feel their vehicle bounce or if they feel every pothole in the road. You might also notice a lot of movement when your start or stop your vehicle.

2. Drifting or pulling
If you start to feel a drift or a pull on your car when you turn, then your suspension system might be failing. What this basically means is that your shocks are no longer able to keep the body of your vehicle stable against the turning force. This significantly increases your risk of rolling over. If you feel this sensation when turning, it's time to take your car to a trusted auto repair garage for service.

3. Dips when stopping
Worn out shocks can make the body of your vehicle lurch forward and downwards when you apply firm brakes. This phenomenon can compromise your ability to effectively stop the car in time. Studies indicate that this can actually increase your stop time by up to 20 %.

4. Uneven tire treads
As earlier mentioned, uneven tire treads are an indication that your suspension system is worn out and needs repair. Uneven treads or balding spots on tires often mean that the suspension is not holding the vehicle evenly and applying uneven pressure on its tires.

5. Oily shocks
Take a close look at the struts and shocks under your vehicle. If they look oily or greasy, chances are their fluid is leaking and therefore not working properly. You might want to get those shocks resealed or replaced. Be careful during your inspection as suspension parts can get extremely hot, and dirty. Also, be sure that the oil is coming from the shocks and not from somewhere else.

6. Your vehicle is visibly lower on one side.
Inflate all your tires properly then observe the vehicle from both behind and in front. If your vehicle sits lower on one side or corner, then there is a good chance that one or more parts of your suspension system need to be addressed.

Whether you own a rear wheel drive or a front when drive model, the vehicle suspension system will eventually wear out. When this happens, do not attempt to repair the system on your own as this often leads to additional costly mistakes. Bring your car to 106St Tire & Wheel for professional inspection and repair. Our professional mechanics will address the suspension system and further inspect other peripheral systems such as the rack and pinion, the steering wheel, the braking system and so on.

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